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Fuel Your Hydration

Track Your Daily Hydration and Nutrition Intake

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The world’s first portable beverage maker that allows you to customize and track your daily hydration and nutrition intake. The three-part system—The Bottle, FuelPods, and LifeFuels App—encourages you to drink more water to boost your wellness throughout the day.


Track Your Water Consumption to the oz!!

The Bottle

Holds three FuelPods and dispenses flavor and nutrients with the push of a button

The FuelPods

Packed with natural flavors and essential nutrients, and provide up to 30 standard beverages each.

The App

Allows you to sync your wearable, monitor 
hydration, adjust the taste and integrate your way.

The Smartest Smart Bottle

See Your Bottle Status

Personalized Dispensing

Set Goals. View Performance

Get The Bottle That Loves You Back

The LifeFuels Bottle turns ordinary water into a beverage packed with flavor, essential vitamins, and nutrients

✔️Having trouble focusing? There’s a FuelPod for that.

✔️Looking to replenish electrolytes after your workout? There’s a FuelPod for that, too

✔️Track hydration intake and create beverages straight from the app

Great for the environment and your wallet

The LifeFuels Smart Bottle can hold up to 90 beverages at a time.

✔️3 FuelPods equal 76 single-use bottles (20oz each)

✔️By using a LifeFuels bottle, you are helping eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles.

✔️Up to 30 beverages per FuelPod. Each beverage is as low as $0.33

The reviews are in ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

People are loving their LifeFuels Bottle. 

"Innovation doesn't begin to describe the LifeFuels Bottle"

"An amazing product and will help people change their hydration habits"

Health and nutrition meet technology

The smartest smart bottle

✔️Dispense with a swipe in the app

✔️Syncs with wearables

✔️Track your hydration and get hydration reminders

✔️Create custom beverages

Now available in unsweetened flavors!


Change the way you drink water, forever.