Infuze offers a 100% lifetime warranty for all active elixir subscriptions. Click here to subscribe and activate your warranty. (Subscription must be active for 40 days to qualify for a replacement.)

If you don’t have a subscription here is the Infuze Lid Warranty: For Broken, Defective Or Unsatisfactory Lids

Warranty Summary

Who pays shipping

What you get

14-day guarantee


Product or $

1-6 month guarantee


Product or repaired product

Active Subscription



6+ months


Repaired product + $5-$10

You broke it


Repaired product


Warranty applies to the Infuze lid only and hydro Only. Stainless steel bottle is only covered in the first 14 days and does not cover dropped damage, dents, or scratches on the bottle.

14 day product guarantee

Any defective product or issue with the system we will get you what you need to get it working. If you don’t love your Infuze system, no problem! We will pay for shipping and as soon as we receive the product we will give you a full refund.

1-6 month guarantee

Ship it to us and we will get it fixed for you. If the product is defective we will replace any broken parts. Even if you broke it.

6+ months

Ship us the product and we repair the product for $5-$10 depending on how much damage.

Active subscription

We cover anything and everything you need! Issue with the vessel, covered. Dropped bottle, covered. Click here to subscribe and get a lifetime warranty.

Flavor subscription

Once it is shipped it is yours. Must be cancelled in writing 5 days prior to shipment. Please see our Subscription Policy for more details.

Active Subscription Warranty:

If you are maintaining an active subscription with Infuze, you are eligible for a lifetime warranty that includes replacement of broken or defective pieces. Infuze will be responsible for the repair and shipping cost to you. Lose your bottle rafting down a river? That one might be difficult to replace… however we will get you a code for 50% off on a replacement.

Claiming A Warranty:

To claim a warranty and facilitate speedy service please email with the full name on the order, order number, the product, the shipping address, and where you bought your Infuze. Send pictures or video clearly showcasing the broken part with a description to claim your warranty. To make this whole process a bit quicker and easier for everyone (and gets you a solution faster too), we would love video, pictures, and descriptions that clearly highlight the issue.

Returning the product is simple, you will be sent a return address shipping label to the email on your account, which will cover the label cost to ship it back.

Simply return the lid and cartridge (we’ll give an extra five gold stars if you pretty please rinse them out for us before shipping) for testing and repair. Next we repair it, test it, sanitize it and return it to you in working condition. If the product is beyond repair and is still in warranty, (meaning Santa’s whole army of elves couldn’t get flavor to come out of that lid) Infuze will send a replacement product. We’re extra grateful for you shipping it back clean, as replacement eligibility is determined during testing. 

Now, let’s say hypothetically it’s after the 6-month warranty and your Infuze accidentally gets launched out the car window when you’re driving down the freeway. No worries, just email and we can see what we can do to make it better.

Infuze warranties apply to the lid only, and not the vacuum-seal or cosmetic look and function of the bottle.

To claim a satisfaction 14 day money-back guarantee warranty, email with the full name on the order or order number and the reason for claiming the warranty.

Returning A Defective/Broken Part:

For defective/broken parts, it may require that we have the product shipped back to us for testing to fix/replace the piece. If so, it’s not super hard, we just email you a return shipping label and you ship it back (and pretty please send us the tracking number as well).

This warranty was last updated 12/1/2019 and applies to any product purchased 11/1/2019 and forward.

First 14 Days Warranty: 

We are so excited for you to get your Infuze system. For 14 days after you receive the product, you are eligible for a full refund of the Infuze lid if you aren’t satisfied with the product, the product arrives broken/defective or breaks in the first 14 days after arriving. For example, if your bottle arrives with a big dent in it or your lid gets cracked after you’ve used it for a week, Infuze will do everything we can to fix it first. If it’s in the 14 day warranty and we can’t fix it, we’ll send you a replacement. If your lids pulls flavor like a champ, but it’s just not quite your thing like you thought it would be, Infuze will send you a basic hydration cap to use with the bottle and refund the price of the lid, which is $24.95 per lid. Your refund will be issued as soon as your product is shipped back to and received at Infuze Hydration.

After 14 Days Warranty/6 Month Warranty:

If it is passed the time-frame for our 14 Day Warranty, any issues with broken parts or systems will be eligible for our 6 Month Warranty (6-months from the date of arrival). Let’s say two months into your purchase, you can no longer get amazing flavor mixture, Infuze will be responsible for the repair and shipping cost to you.

The Infuze warranty does not cover mold issues. To limit the possibility of mold we recommend using only Infuze Elixirs. If other brands of flavoring are used, your Infuze lid should be flushed out and washed as described in our daily and weekly cleaning instruction.

We do not guarantee any lost or stolen products.